Since the Top 40 under 40 Men project started, now close to two decades ago, the applications have never been as huge as this year’s entries.
When the call for nominations was made, more than 6,775 profiles were submitted. All the nominees were outstanding in their own ways, but since all can’t be winners, the job of whittling down the list to 40 fell on our judges, initially cutting it down to 535 unique entries before narrowing down to the finalists.
And what a list it is! This year’s Top 40 under 40 Men represent the diversity of the Kenyan corporate, entrepreneurship, activist, and social sectors. This year, special consideration was particularly made to recognize men in the national government administration offering exemplary public service.
One of the industries that stands out this year is technology, where the winners are making novel products whose impact is felt internationally. Such include artificial intelligence, blockchain, and a cybersecurity expert who is often consulted by the military of an Asian country.
Then there is one of the youngest winners who is pioneering a digital bank that promises to ease the challenges that keep most young Kenyans from wealth creation.
One thing that ties all men is their dedication to excellence. As one of them puts it succinctly, he always stays hungry for more ways to improve himself.

Leonard Mutinda