How times change! In the last edition of Top 40 Under 40 Men two years ago, it seemed there was little that could bring the global economy to a standstill. When we published the edition, our finalists were upbeat that 2020 only held greater and better things in store for them. Then the Covid-19 pandemic struck and the world came to a halt. Most companies that were lucky to stay open, quickly shed jobs, while others deeply slashed their employee salaries and forced others to go on unpaid leave.

It was a tough time for everyone, but particularly for the modern man who still had to play that crucial role of a provider that is expected of him in our society. However, as author Doe Zantamata put it, “It is only in our darkest hours that we may discover the true strength of the brilliant light within ourselves that can never, ever, be dimmed.”

Amid the economic downturn, these men picked themselves up from their fall, dusted off, and forged new career and entrepreneurial paths. Some of the enterprises they formed are today the wind behind the sails that are pushing our economic recovery. And they are spread throughout the economy, from finance, technology to marketing, agribusiness, and healthcare to sports.

Such resilience deserves to be celebrated. But if the pandemic has also taught us anything, it is that the modern working man needs to be constantly retooling themselves by upskilling. In today’s fast-evolving technological world, survival is only assured for those who stay on top of the technological change wave. Those are the people who have taken a lesser beating during this pandemic.

In this year’s Top 40 Under 40 edition, there is no shortage of such individuals among our finalists. When the nomination call was made, over 1,500 individuals were proposed, all with unique and beautiful stories no less important than the 40 who made it to the final list. We celebrate them all and wish them greater achievements.

-Leonard Mutisya