Nathan Masyuko, 35


LudiqueWorks Ltd

As team leader in a video game publishing and e-sports firm, Nathan has recorded success in a sector that is new to many and might not make it to the top list of careers most parents would dream for their children.

He has turned his passion in game and software development into a career, and, together with his partner Douglas Ogeto, they have a network of developers who they work with to deliver games for entertainment, education and customer engagement.

Nathan, who has a Computer Science degree from Nazarene University has made a name in the industry, winning recognition and awards far and beyond. He has four awards from the World Summit Youth Award for his work on the nascent e-gaming industry in Kenya.

As it is with most emerging sectors, his success in e-gaming presents challenges as well as opportunities.

“There is limited understanding of what the video game industry is in Africa and the potential benefits that the industry brings especially in areas such as education, customer engagement and
the economy as a whole,” Nathan says.

Also, he says that raising capital for some of the projects is a big problem as few investors consider the sector mainstream.

Nathan sees himself as an evangelist of emerging technologies in this part of the world. His dream is to see technology play a larger role in Kenyan economy.

In his free time, he is a consumer of some of the products he releases to the world – video games.

He is also a leisure reader and occasional traveller.

Nathan urges young people to invest in their dreams and be decisive when making decisions.

“Life is given to you, but success will not fall into your lap. You must work smart and hard to achieve anything of value in your life,” he advises young people.

–Adonijah Ndege