Michael Michie, 28

Head of Technology

TripleOK Law

When Michael was called up for an interview for his current job, he thought the panelists would ask the usual questions; “tell us about yourself? What are your weaknesses or strengths or where do you see yourself in five years?”

However, it was something different. In fact, the question got him by surprise.

Instead, one panelist asked; “We want to invest a lot of money in technology, how soon can you start and make sure that everyone is on board?”

Michael says he loves everything about computers; video games, programming, animation, creating and disrupting. And when he was offered the job by the law firm, he has never looked back.

Michael, who turns 28 this month, says his specialty is in security and game mechanics.

“I just take in rules from gene development into real business cases that can help improve on performances, institutions and innovations.”

As a student at Jomo Kenya University of Science and Technology (JKUAT), his project was a video game, which he had to customise into a learning tool for children.

He grew up watching his brother and a cousin engage in computer programming and he loved it. His father also played a huge role in studying computers.

Despite his demanding job, Michael has not stopped improving his skills and has been working on video games and video-game design methodologies while trying to incorporate them into anything, from mobile banking applications to management strategies and to system operations within an organisation.

Michael’s biggest challenge and what most young people face while trying to get jobs is the age factor.

“I once lost a very good job because they wanted somebody with 15 years’ experience,” he recalls.

He hopes to influence other legal practitioners to adopt a digital first approach.

“This entails being cloud-based, (embracing) artificial intelligence, block chain, and trying to see how the firm can leverage all of that.”

When not dealing with computers, Michael enjoys art.

“I draw, mostly with charcoal and on weekends I visit my folks and enjoy the quiet farm life and play with my dogs.”

— Sam Kiplagat