Susan Sawe, 39

Group Head, Global Subsidiaries

Citi, East Africa

Susan believes that a strong team is the best resource any corporate leader could have. The director and group head of global subsidiaries in East Africa at Citi adds that a happy, supportive, and well-supported team is priceless. That and a solid network.

‘‘If you need a visa to any country, your networks in that space will come through for you. When a friend gets a job abroad, friends in that country will help them to settle in.’’ Susan holds a Bachelor and a Master of Economics degrees from the University of Nairobi. The certified public accountant is currently studying for a doctorate degree.

She joined Citi in 2005, a few months before her graduation. ‘‘After 18 years, my team and I have become my family.”

"A solid structure at home is critical to a thriving career. "

The mother-of-one says a solid structure at home is critical to a thriving career. ‘‘My parents are retired teachers. They have been very supportive of me.’’

When not at work or home, she is at All Saints Cathedral choir where she sings. ‘‘Sometimes I think I overdo it. Church is an exciting part of my life. I take after my mother who sings too. I have sung since I was a little girl.’’

Now 39, Susan says a little girl in her head constantly reminds her of her unlimited capabilities.

‘‘I have met nearly all the people I used to look up to as a young girl, some who went to the same schools I attended. It is always a refreshing moment.’’ If she could change one thing about Kenyans, it would be to make them more gracious. ‘‘Even with the difficulties we have gone through as a country, God always comes through for us.’’

Her biggest struggle is budgeting, but as an accountant, she checks her spending. ‘‘There are plans that come up at the last minute that I cannot resist. This is especially so with trips. I can be quite impulsive.’’

James Kahongeh