Diana Esther Wangari, 27


Check Ups Medical Center

Diana, a University-of-Nairobi-trained doctor, is the CEO of Check Ups Medical Centre, a facility that aspires to serve patients in under an hour.

The medical centre, with four branches, grew from the gap in the app, iSikCure, that Diana co-founded in 2016.

Check Ups Medical Centre helps narrow the gap between policy, service provision and healthcare access for the masses. This is a space the 2019 Oxford University Skoll Scholar hopes to grow in.

At the centre, all records are digitised. The patients, mostly suffering from diabetes and hypertension, get gadgets that send real time data though the iSikCure app into the system where doctors can then remotely monitor patients. In turn, the patients can easily access their drugs.

"People judge you by how you look. You just have to be firm and focused because you are here to do business..."

The assertive executive admits it is not easy being a CEO at her age.

“People judge you by how you look. You just have to be firm and focused because you are here to do business,” she says.

However, that is just one of the challenges she has to face.

“The hardest thing is raising capital in the African market,” she points out. To get around this hurdle, the company raises funds through partners, three of whom are foreign directors.

Raised by a single parent alongside her brother, Diana learnt to be a go-getter early. Looking back, says her mother inspired her to become a better human being.

One of the things she learnt was that the worst thing anyone can say (to you) is no.

“But even then, at least you tried. Try, let if fail, then do it again.”

To unwind, Diana turns to physical activity, seeking adrenaline pumping sports.

“I love adventure. I did skydiving this past weekend in Diani. I also have taken part in paragliding, bungee jumping, zip lining and I’m a motorbike enthusiast.”

She engages in these exciting activities “to remind me that I’m alive and that there’s always something new every day.”

To other women, Diana has this to say; “We can do anything. More importantly, we need to support each other.”

–Diana Ngila