Dr Lorna Muthamia-Ochido, 39

Founder & Director

Speech Therapy Totos

Lorna happens to be one of a handful of speech therapists not just here in Kenya, but in the expansive sub-Saharan Africa.

Her speech therapy clinic is probably the largest in East and Central Africa, but its bigger achievement is that it helping to improve communication outcomes and life opportunities to over 10,000 people.

Lorna is passionate about empowering others with the skills they need to improve their lives and the way they communicate so that they can live a fuller life. But her journey has not been easy.

Although she faces challenges, she has not allowed any of the setbacks to deflate her spirit.

"It is possible to earn a decent living in Kenya from doing good without any need to be involved in wheeling and dealing."

“The path to anything worth achieving is usually paved with challenges. It is one thing knowing this, but it is another trying to remember this when you are in the thick of things,” says the mother of three. “I have almost given up on several occasions either due to stretched thin finances, dishonesty from staff, or being overwhelmed, but I am so glad that I was able to get out of my own way and not allow disappointments to cause me to abandon my dreams.”

Lorna takes pride in knowing that she is living proof that women can find success in whatever venture they set their hearts on. All they need, she says, is determination.

And what is her word of advice to the youth?

“It is possible to earn a decent living in Kenya from doing good without any need to be involved in wheeling and dealing.”

Lorna also believes in Africans solving their own problems, championing home-grown solutions and in turn exporting those solutions to the rest of the world.

She says soon she will be launching an online school that will pass her knowledge to teachers, therapists and parents not just in Kenya but in other underserved countries.
When she is not working as a speech therapist, she enjoys writing, cooking and home-making.
“I maintain two blogs — one about my experiences with parenting, homeschooling my children and creating the elusive work-life balance; and another about empowering parents on all things speech therapy.”
–Kevin Rotich