Fredrick Odhiambo , 37

Office of the Auditor-General

Fredrick describes himself as “a mere son of some farmer somewhere in the middle of Kisumu”. However, he has earned the nrespect of his older colleagues in the audit industry, and not just because of his academic qualifications although he has an MBA from Warwick University in the UK and is a certified public accountant; certified financial services auditor and certified fraud examiner.

Fredrick, who has had a meteoric rise in his profession, has achieved results in his position by engaging his team of over 200 in discussions, and round-table meetings to get their views and build a consensus of their views.

He draws his experience from years at KPMG at a senior supervisory role for West and North Africa assurance and advisory services. He was also a senior auditor at Deloitte, tasked with overseeing British Overseas Territories, North and Central America.

He came back to Kenya as a director forensics for the audit office when he was just 32 and rose to his position in three years. His advice to young people is that should not be afraid to take up State jobs because they have crucial IT skills needed to reform the public service. He describes himself as a living example of what is possible through diligence and being performance-driven.

–Otiato Guguyu