Dr William Mwiti, 39

Global Safety and Medical Governance Director


William stopped working as a doctor to pursue a Master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Medicines in Ireland, a bold move that set the stage for the success that followed.

His curiosity saw him begin a journey in a field understood by a few, and hone skills that made him one of the continent’s few and best in his field.

His skills helped him rise through the ranks to become GlaxoSmithKline country director by the age of 34 and four years later, a director at the multinational with a presence in 150 countries
and where it employees 90,000 workers.

“I have managed to consistently work myself into spaces that no one else within Africa is in by creating my own path,” he says.

William’s current work involves reorganising and modernising GSK Medicines’ Safety Reporting and Drug Information Systems.

He also supervises the setting up of a regional medical hub that reviews and ensures any materials that enter emerging markets like Kenya meet the highest standards and adhere to the applicable regulatory requirements.

His greatest achievement remains ensuring that children in Kenya have access to Pneumonia and Rotavirus vaccines. He was also part of the team that saw through the malaria vaccines into the final phases of their clinical trials.

“I love solving a problem and making it easier to the person who comes after me.”

He enjoys playing squash, bowling, walking and travelling and aspires to be GSK’s president in future.

Additionally, he is currently in the executive leadership team of the Medical Affairs Professional Society, Europe Middle East and Africa.

–Annie Njanja