Nahashon Mungai, 37

Executive Director Global Markets

Standard Investment Bank

His whole life, Nahashon has wanted to do something that impacts positively on society. He did not have a master plan, but growing up, he had faith that he would find his way. “My whole life has revolved around my passion to change the society around me.” He believes he has done just that as the brains behind Standard Investment Bank’s Mansa-X Fund, which he has helped grow from Sh100 million to over Sh6.5 billion.

Mansa-X is a fund that invests in the global online foreign exchange markets. It allows clients to do shorting, exposing them to derivatives and enabling them to hold stocks in global companies. To the investors, it is like a safety net that even if the Kenyan stock market drops, they will still get returns from other markets.

But Nahashon did not set out to be a financial markets expert. When he joined the university, he enrolled for a civil engineering degree. However, after two years in engineering school, he realised he spent much of his time reading on financial markets. He questioned whether being a civil engineer like his father was the right decision for him. He took a leap of faith, quit, and pursued a degree in actuarial science as he taught himself how to trade in the financial markets. That gutsy move made all the difference in his life.

Collins Kariuki

"“My whole life has revolved around my passion to change the society around me.”"