Moriasi Omambia, 37

General Counsel & Head of Business Affairs

Sauti Sol Group

Moriasi is living his dream. Growing up in Ngong, Kajiado Omambia dreamed of becoming a barrister.

“I met Bien (Aime Baraza of Sauti Sol band) at a basketball court because we both loved playing the game. He told me his dream was to become a professional musician, and I told him I wanted to go into law, specifically entertainment law. Now, here we are,” he says.

Fourteen years later, Moriasi has been instrumental in shaping the Sauti Sol franchise.

“Sol Group of Companies encompasses Sauti Sol Entertainment, Sol Generation Records, Sol Fest, and Sol Generation Music Publishing & Distribution,” he explains.

"I like playing behind the scenes when it comes to this business, mainly because 'the guys', as we call them, are the visionaries, and I'm just an executor helping them monetize their ideas."

His portfolio also looks at other exterior businesses the Sol Group has invested in, including HustleSasa and Shahara.

HustleSasa, launched in 2021, is a marketing App that allows creatives to interact with their fanbase directly, enabling them to sell directly to their fans.

Shahara shares similarities with HustleSasa but targets creatives, producers, content creators, journalists, writers, and photographers, helping them earn revenue directly from their craft.

Over the years, as the Sauti Sol franchise grew and the singers grew into celebrities, Moriasi has resisted the allure of coming into the limelight. He says he loves to operate behind the scenes.

“I like playing behind the scenes when it comes to this business, mainly because ‘the guys’, as we call them, are the visionaries, and I’m just an executor helping them monetise their ideas,” he points out.

What does his typical day look like?

“I start my day by catching up with the team leaders of the different businesses within the group to get briefs and debriefs, then move to meetings,” he says.

Over the 14 years with the ‘guys’, Moriasi has learned many lessons, but one remains key.

“In this business, let the stars be the stars, let the leaders be the leaders. The lesser you are known as a counsel, the better it becomes for you to discharge your mandate,” he says.

Moriasi defines success as “the commitment to do well and to be different.”

Sinda Matiko