Mira Nihar Shah, 35

Managing Director

Synresins Limited

Nothing has kept Mira growing more than always taking on personal and professional challenges.

For her, no matter the position one occupies in the corporate structure, they have to lead by example.

She has been the managing director at Synresins, a manufacturer of synthetic and water-based resins, since July 2021. Her previous positions in the same firm were CEO (January 2019 to July 2021) and general manager (September 2017 to December 2019.

Mira believes in consciously immersing herself in situations at hand to find solutions. As a business leader, she identifies the commercial aspect in what she does since “without a number-driven mind, no corporate can achieve anything.”

" Ensure your words meet your actions if men and women are to start taking you seriously."

“My career highlight was being given the challenge to run an organisation like Synresins,” says Mira.

Mira stands out in a male-dominated industry. She says the secret to making it in such an environment is to ensure “your words meet your actions if men and women are to start taking you seriously.”

Some of the key lessons in the journey to the top have been accepting that she can be replaced and not waking up expecting any favour just because she is a woman.

“Do not take this life or your place and position for granted, everyone is replaceable. Also, let your work and outcomes speak for themselves.”

She studied accounting and spent about three years at PKF Kenya as an audit senior. She then entered the medical industry for a short time and then into the chemicals industry.

Mira, a nature lover, says she looks up to many people as mentors including her father who seamlessly practised medicine for the better part of his life and transitioned into the corporate world, and started industries in Kenya.

Patrick Alushula