Timothy Wambu, 35

Head of Equity Research

Barclays Bank

Tim has always been a numbers person. He studied Actuarial Science at university and later became a CFA Charterholder.

“When one finishes undergraduate studies, he has an idea of what he wants to do. But starting out, I knew I would never enjoy actuarial science.”

With this, he enrolled into the Chartered Financial Analyst Programme, which introduced him into the world of investment banking. The certification, and his degree, paved his way into analysis.

Now his job is simply coming up with an informed view on shares.

“My job entails analysing listed companies and coming up with a recommendation as to whether the stock is a buy, sell or hold. The process involves financial modelling and interacting with managements of the respective companies, in order to get as much insight as possible on the company’s outlook,” he says.

“The job also has an element of sales in it because I have to engage institutional investors on my views of a sector or stock, and get them to buy or sell shares through Barclays.

These are mainly money managers in major financial centres globally and in Kenya.”

One his biggest achievements recently has been being “top rated by the South Africa Financial Male Analyst Rankings.”

“I have evolved from being a Kenyan forecast analyst to a Pan-African one. I now cover Nigerian markets as well, and this is a milestone for me because they are the key markets in Africa. I’m looking to Morocco next year.”

Tim’s word of advice to the young men looking to venture into the corporate world is to look for a career and not just a job.

“Passion comes automatically with finding what you want to do. With this, hard work and extra hours is inevitable.”

When he is not working, Tim is a fitness and rugby enthusiast.

–Karen Muriuki