Lynn Ngugi, 33

Chief Executive and Founder

Lynn Ngugi Network

One question has featured in Lynn’s mind in recent years more than any other. Purpose.

‘‘Why am I here? Who am I?’’ she says.

“When you are growing up, you aspire to get an education and live a good life. As you grow older, however, you start to become content with what you have. Focus changes to impact and your relationship with God.’’

At this stage of her life, she says she cannot give up her faith and personal principles. ‘‘I am proud of my ability to be myself and calmness in difficult situations in life.’’

"There is more to life than money. It is about purpose, which does not always equal money."

A vinyl player and artworks of Bob Marley, Wangari Maathai and Malcolm X are her most prized possessions because ‘‘there is more to life than money. It is about purpose, which does not always equal money.’’

Lynn is also living her dream as a journalist. She, however, may have ended up as a lawyer, another passion of hers, but broadcast journalism, which she studied at the East African School of Media Studies, won.

Her path, though, has not been linear. For four years, she worked in Qatar and Dubai, including as a barrister at a restaurant. She also hawked clothes in Nairobi and has performed in theatres.

‘‘I am living the life I wanted now. But it has taken longer to get this clarity.’’

It is from these experiences that she developed an interest in inspirational stories and those that touch on social injustices, which she tells on her YouTube channel and social media.

‘‘I like to have conversations that can change a life or challenge one because these are the conversations that help the society to move forward,’’ she says.

This job comes with freedom too. ‘‘I am not obligated to tell only certain stories or leave others out. I am at liberty to cover any story that appeals to my audience.’’

James Kahongeh