Kiko Muuo, 29

Founder & CEO

Angaza Elimu

Kiko says one of his most significant achievements today is building a company primed to transform technology across Kenya’s educational system.

“We built a platform that can diagnose specific abilities and create resources that can keep you engaged in learning and motivated to master your specific concepts,” says the CEO and founder of Angaza Elimu.

Angaza Elimu uses an adaptive and interactive e-learning platform that leverages frontier technology like generative AI to personalise the learning experience for students, basically shifting from the traditional way of learning.

Having gone through overcrowded public schools where teachers were overworked, Kiko was curious to see what technology was doing in different sectors. Much advanced progress, he found out, was being made in logistics and health.

"Whatever you are working on, do it wholeheartedly. I give my best each day because I know this is not just about me; it's for future generations."

The educational sector, he says, gets less attention because of the perceived low financial returns. Nonetheless, that did not deter him from making the investment.

Today, the Angaza Elimu platform has grown to host over 51,000 daily active student users in a record of 35 minutes, and Kiko reports marked improvement in learners’ performance.

Kiko oversees the overall strategy and innovation to ensure the company hits its milestones and effectively utilises the resources put in place.

“We have made an impact across different stakeholders in the education space; our focus is to empower African youth through demand skill-based learning, ensuring they can thrive in the digital economy; we do this through innovative ways of learning and teaching.”

Over time, Kiko says students translate their ideas into working solutions to solve mobility, climate change, agriculture, health care, and food security challenges.

“We support over 3,700 teachers daily on our platform. Improving the learning outcome results in us supporting children to learn and teachers spending less time on administrative work and ensuring they spend actual time giving instruction and feedback to the students.”

Despite his busy schedule, Kiko finds time to go hiking and has even recruited most of his friends.

“I have climbed almost all the mountains in Kenya, but my biggest joy was when I hiked Mt Kenya in under 24 hours.”

“Whatever you are working on, do it wholeheartedly. I give my best each day because I know this is not just about me; it’s for future generations.”

Marion Sitawa