Joseph Mutie Mule, 32

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Solutech Ltd

Joseph traces his career-defining move to a moment nearly 10 years ago when his bright prospects seemed to dim.

Fresh from graduation, he and two former classmates at the University of Nairobi had just joined a tech firm. Their career dreams were starting to take shape. Then, a few months into their employment, their employer shut down because it mainly depended on grants to run its operations.

“We then asked ourselves what we can do. Yes, we had the skills, and we knew what we wanted to do, but we lacked the finances,” says Joseph.

While most young talents would have opted to brush the dust from their CVs and drop them at the reception desk of the next potential employer, Joseph and his friends chose the less-taken path.

"He says now, with responsibilities, he appreciates what his parents did for him and his siblings."

They approached a potential investor and pitched their business sales automation idea. He was sold on the concept and became their co-founder at Solutech, a software company that makes products to enhance business process efficiency.

Today, the company is growing strong almost a decade later. It employs 38 software engineers and various sales executives. It has grown regionally to Tanzania, Uganda, and Rwanda, among other African countries, where it works with manufacturers and distributors to help them make intelligent, data-driven calls.

“With our technology, we help the business run their operations seamlessly,” he says.

Most of their clients are in the high-turnover, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG).

As the Chief Operating Officer, Joseph oversees all operations within the organisation, including recruitment, talent development, performance management and team compensation management.

He is also responsible for managing the technological infrastructure and ensuring that the company uses the latest tools and systems to support its operations effectively.

Joseph first became fascinated by computers while still in secondary school. Computer studies was one of his favourite subjects, and when the school organised career fairs, he jumped at the opportunity to learn about his prospects.

He says he draws inspiration from his parents- both teachers- having seen all their six children through the university. He says now, with responsibilities, he appreciates what his parents did for him and his siblings.

The Manchester United fan does volunteer work in schools and his local church back home in Makueni to give back to the community. He is also very keen on the environment and participates in tree planting. His team took part in a recent tree-planting session in Limuru.

Sam Kiplagat