Angela Koech, 32

Group CFO, East African Region,

Guaranty Trust Bank

Angela describes herself as a go-getter who always strives to be better each day.

She is intent on making a lasting and real change at the workplace, in her family and among her friends.

She is the chief financial officer (CFO) at the Kenyan unit of Nigeria’s banking multinational, GTBank Plc.

“Achieving and exceeding set objectives drives me,” says Angela, who was appointed in 2015.

"“Always strive to be better every day and compete only with yourself...""

“I am also inspired when I see my team and the people I am working with grow into their own and provide solutions.”

As one of the youngest women to hold such a position, she says she often has to deal with naysayers and others who are unable to hide their surprise when they have to do business with her.

“Hopefully one day, I can be the CEO of the bank,” she says.

Angela has a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting Major) from Strathmore University besides several professional qualifications such as Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA-UK).

She has faced several challenges such as balancing her work and social life, working with colleagues from different cultures and walking the fine line between achieving set objectives and avoiding pushing colleagues too hard.

She says individuals who want to rise in their profession should be ready to work hard, outperform and dare to be different.

“Always strive to be better every day and compete only with yourself,” she says.

The banking executive loves to travel and describes herself as an adrenaline junkie, loving activities such as skydiving and roller coasters.

— Victor Juma