Anish Doshi, 34

Chief Executive Officer

Ideal Ceramics

When Anish took over the reins of Ideal Ceramics in 2009, sceptics wrote him off given his age and lack of experience. But the then 24-year-old was determined to steer the family business to greater success after the demise of his father.

The property development arm of the business, Ideal Locations, is known for its flagship property — City Mall in Nyali, Mombasa. And in the time he has been at the helm, Anish conceptualises each project and leads the team that does the work. Today, Ideal Locations is working on its 12th construction project, having developed over 1.5 million square feet of space over the last decade. “Despite doubters, I rolled up my sleeves and just went for it,” says the Philosophy, Politics and Economics graduate of University of Oxford, UK.

Survival, more than money, is what has motivated him to work hard to steer the ship that is the family business.“I made my fair share of blunders, but all of those mistakes taught me so much and made me stronger, more resilient and wiser,” says the member of Young Presidents Organisation (YPO) that brings together captains of industry from across the world.

His message to the next generation is that no matter what cards life deals you, never forget to work hard.“If you think you will just take it easy and then one day land yourself that well-paid job, think again,” he says. While at the moment time is his biggest constraint, he strives to be home for bedtime for his two children. In five years, he hopes to have started at least one new business.

-Lynet Igadwah