Agnes Limo, 39

Senior Manager

Home Solutions, Safaricom Plc

A seasoned telecoms expert in Global System for Mobile (GSM) and fibre optics, with a professional experience spanning over 13 years, Agnes has risen up the ranks to head the Home Solutions departments at East Africa’s most profitable company, Safaricom.

Agnes is responsible for linking hundreds of thousands of homes to broadband Internet, and simply put, spearhead Safaricom’s ongoing drive to become the number provider of fibre-Internet to Kenyan households.

The 39-year-old who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the University of Nairobi says that a burning passion for sciences and mathematics at a tender age defined her current career path.

“I loved sciences and mathematics. When it came to career selection, my teachers advised me to pursue a technical field, thus my choice of electrical engineering. I didn’t have a role model in technology that I could say I was aspiring to emulate, but I trusted my instinct,” says Agnes.

"I am passionate in supporting more women to enter the technology field, navigate and rise through the ranks through mentorship..."

For three years, she has held her current position at Safaricom, as one of the most senior women in Safaricom’s technology division.

One of her goals is to ensure that unlike during her time, children have role models to look up to for inspiration.

“I am passionate in supporting more women to enter the technology field, navigate and rise through the ranks through mentorship, and support women seeking to do business in technology,” she says.

The mother of three is currently mentoring young boys and girls back in her home village of Cheptiret in Uasin Gishu County.

Besides her day-to-day role, she is also the president of Safaricom Women in Technology — an initiative mentoring 2,000 marginalised girls in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) courses — in far-flung areas as Samburu, Moyale, Marsabit, West Pokot and Turkana.

To young girls aspiring to make it in the technology and engineering world, Agnes says an open mind is key to success.

“Working in a male-dominated field means you must prove yourself more than your other colleagues. Have all the options, and no biases based on stereotypes that a girl cannot do this or that,” she says.

Away from her high seat at work, Agnes is a digital farmer and she enjoys baking too.

–John Mutua