Bramuel Mwalo, 33



At the age of 26, he helped launch and later head the business incubation and acceleration centre at KCA University. He was also the first country managing director of global trade and technology platform Kountable, managing a budget of $150 million (Sh16.5 billion).

Thereafter, Bramuel served as director of Africa business at Kountable, tasked with driving expansion on the continent.

The PhD candidate at Stockholm School of Economics founded Xetova in 2019, inspired by the need to “empower decision-makers by providing simple solutions to small businesses” to spur their growth. Xetova, a pioneer in the local tech ecosystem, builds capacities for businesses to help them leverage on and utilise their data profitably. “Data is going to be the next ‘oil’ mine. By 2025, data will allow businesses to access trade intelligence on risk, sales and demand,” says Bramuel, who holds a Master’s degree in finance and banking.

While noting that trends in business are valuable, Bramuel emphasises that traders should not be driven by whims. “You must be able to understand the context of business in any environment to be able to trade.’”

""You must be able to understand the context of business in any environment to be able to trade.""

He notes that tackling problems drives him. “If I can make people’s lives better through less complicated means, then I’d be very pleased. I don’t like lengthy solutions.”

His overriding belief? That the universe will always reward consistency and commitment, and that breakthrough in whatever pursuit is the net effect of clarity of purpose. “If you’re determined enough, nothing is beyond you.”

Nothing demonstrates this determination better than the company Bramuel has built in slightly over two years. Now employing a team of 26 among them software engineers.

James Kahongeh