Anthony Mwangi, 33

Director of Cybersecurity


Some people struggle to assemble their short-term goals. Others like Anthony seem to have their future wrapped around their little finger.

The cybersecurity associate and privacy leader at KPMG talks about his distant future as though he has superpowers to see what lies ahead. But then again Anthony is a man of obstinate faith. He is a hard worker and a relentless pursuer of excellence.

“I am a believer. God is a big factor in my life. When I decide what I want to attain, I show up for it in the best way possible.’’

It is this showing up that has seen him work at PwC, World Economic Forum, and now KPMG in different capacities. He is currently the president and chairman of the Kenyan chapter of ISACA, a global leader in information systems.

"Leadership is not about position but having the ability to rally behind a cause and to challenge others to grow and develop. I am obsessed with personal growth."

Anthony studied business information technology at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology and has a Master’s degree in information technology from Strathmore University.

Anthony is already laying the groundwork for the next dance in his career: having global influences. “I want to work with governments, the private sector and development partners in an advisory capacity to push for digital transformation in Africa,’’ he says.

This, he says, is motivated by the need to inspire the next generation of business leaders on the continent. ‘‘Our people can grow if we nurtured them.’’

Then there is family “which has made me more intentional”.

‘‘I want to invest in them and build a solid future for them. I also want to model to them so that they have someone to emulate.’’

Away from work, Anthony likes travelling.

I am planning to watch the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix from the stands soon,” he says.

Anthony is a product of good leadership and mentorship.

“Leadership is not about position but having the ability to rally behind a cause and to challenge others to grow and develop. I am obsessed with personal growth.”

How does he feed this obsession? ‘‘The biggest personal reward for me has been to take myself for trainings to give myself the right exposure in different spaces in tech; spaces in different jurisdictions, markets and economies where my ambition is challenged.’’

But he is also trying to drop some habits as he prepares himself for this stretch of his career. ‘‘I am learning to shed impatience. I have learnt that while some processes respond to hard work, others respond to time.’’

He is also learning to be less obsessed with perfection and predictable outcomes, saying that today’s world does not afford anyone the luxury of certainty.

‘‘You cannot have control over everything around you.’’

Anthony is a recovering workaholic. ‘‘A well-integrated life of work and rest is [priceless]. Work-life balance is a myth.’’

James Kahongeh