Anne Nyaga, 36

Chief Administrative Secretary

Ministry Of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries & Cooperatives

It is not easy to put a finger on when Anne’s bright star turned supernova.

Perhaps, it was when she landed on watermelon farming and published an instructor’s manual in March 2014. Or when she revived the 4-K (Kuungana Kufanya, Kusaidia Kenya) Clubs, an initiative that aims to introduce agriculture in primary schools, targeting children aged eight to 14. Or when she started encouraging more city dwellers to have kitchen gardens.

Anne is an expert in agricultural policy and farming. In January 2021, she was appointed by President Uhuru Kenyatta as the new Chief Administrative Secretary for Cooperatives in the Ministry of Agriculture.

Before that, she was working in Embu county in charge of Agriculture and had tried her hand in growing French beans, watermelons, tomatoes, cassava, avocados, and seedless lemons, and kept goats for breeding.

"I have been lucky. I am having a good career, and I am proud of my achievements."

The Bachelor of Science graduate also serves on the board of the Global 4H/K and Miraa Taskforce Implementation Committee.

Mentored by people in the public service and her parents, her’s has always been a career in a hurry, holding that most thrilling possibility: where the ifs turn to when. Have things turned out the way she wants?

“I have been lucky. I am having a good career, and I am proud of my achievements.” She has gently cultivated a reputation as an unstoppable force. If she were a farm animal, what would she be? “That’s a very simple yet hard question. I’d be a dove because it is symbolic but domesticable.”

Eddy Ashioya